Saturday, 1 October 2011

What's in a date ?

Let us just write something ... . So far October 4 brings no associations whatsoever, except two tragic events in Holland and in Russia in two consecutive years - 1992 and 1993.
Somewhere in Veronika Kutsillo's book, however, October 4 is specified as a ultimatum or some deadline by Russian President Boris Eltsin in his brutal confrontation with the parliament and people from all over the country. I shall look for the reference.
At a glance does not bring further coincidences. However, if we think about 4 October in american style (911), we get 10-4 and 10-04.... In Lagos on Victoria Island, there was a modern residential complex - " 1004 ". Olga P., who worked in the Lagos Military Hospital, lived there. I wonder if 1004 meant smth. to somebody at the time.
In the Netherlands, on 12 October 1993, 8 days after the bloody end to Parliament vs President standoff in Moscow, Russia, a very important event took place in the new building of the Dutch Security Service BVD - a pompous gathering to signal 'perestroika' of police and secret service - their merger of sorts. From the website set to honor late Louis Seveke -
[ 17 Oct. 2011] - The "Father" of the (Anti-) Russian 1917 Revolution, Vladimir I.LENIN (real name Ulyanov) was born on 10 April, 1870.
The first Soviet Sputnik (spacecraft) was launched 4 October, 1957.
[ 25 March, 2014 ] - 4 and 10 : Tammuz - fourth month of the Jewish sacred, and tenth of the civil year; not in the Bible.
Unification of Germany ?...

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