Friday, 19 August 2016

Terror International in Italy:

Italian paper Corriere della Sera of 14 August published info about Abu Nassim (Fezzani Moez Ben Abdelkader), giving a chart of his movements:
1. 1969 - Tunis.
2. 1989 - MILAN, Italy.
3 .1997 - Peshawar, Afganistan.
4. 1998 - Peshawar, Procura di Milano, operation "Ritorno".
5. 2001 - Bagram, Afganistan, ... .
6. 2009 - Varese, Italy.
7. 2013 - Syria.
8. 2014 - Sabratha, Lybia.
[ Mon. 22 Aug. 2016] - Another Italian newspaper La Republica published (the same day) extensive report about forthcoming Referendum in Italy on October 4.
[ Tue. 23 August, 2016] - Zionist Spy Ring Trials in EGYPT 1954-55.
From Eleven Jews list:
- Max Bennett (37) - German citizen, leader of the group.
- Dr. Moussa Marzouk (28) - a surgeon of Tunisian origin and French nationality.
- Abraham Dar ( alias John Darling) - Israeli Army.
- Victor Levy.
- Caesar Cohen.
- Philip Natanson.
- etc.

Monday, 25 April 2016


An interesting photograph with ELCIN AVENUE in London, I think from Getty Images - see scan below. There was a spelling and phonetics game with the name of Russian President Boris Yeltsin.
In Gosport, Hampshire, UK there is an area called Elson.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


Page 136 from Veronika Kutsillo's book "Notes from the White House" - 21Sept. - 4 Oct. 1993, Moscow.
Betar or Beitar Zionist organization/ is mentioned and one leader Vladimir Bokser.
Described as sadistic and dangerous. Beitar snipers?
Betar Movement (revisionist zionist) founded in RIGA, LATVIA in 1923 by Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky. Jabotinski/Zhabotinski missing in Soviet Encycl. Dictionary (1986?).
Latvian gangsters in London, Winston Churchill, Hitchcock film.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mafia International ?

I have just finished reading about Sicilian Mafia: "White Shotgun" by Attilio Bolzoni, 2008/2012.
On the day the coup leaders (General Rutskoi and Ruslan Hazbulatov, plus others) in Moscow were being arrested during the storm of the White House (4 oct.) Russian Television put on rather interesting programs: Ludmila Zykina singing about Lenin ( she was rumored to have a Czecoslovakian boy-friend - a student at least 20 years her junior) , Italian Opera with homosexual/transvestite singers and a program called Sicilian Kitchen/Cooking with a huge plant in the background (Fikus in Russian). LaScala Opera is where Nigerian singer (Joy her first name, an Igbo lady) from University of Lagos departement of music) was on her sabbatical leave. I was allowed to move into her vacant appartement on Tafawa Balewa Way on University Campus. There we had an Italian neighbour. I don't think he received my letter (long ago). Another neighbour was a Jezuit Father Schyler (Austrian/American).
Queen Elizabeth II with Consort visited Pope Francis in Vatican this week. Online reports about attempted Citizens' Arrest of the Monarch. Meanwhile younger royals are in New Zealand:
Dutch News website
Poor little George! (ref. front page photo Daily Mail of 7 April, 2014, where mother Kate has her right hand firmly between little boy's legs).
Sicilian Mafia boss in hiding in UK is arrested, after all, two days ago:
The former President of the ICC (International Criminal Court ?) Arthur Robinson of Trinidad and Tobago died aged 87:

PS: the first of the three links above is not working? The article is there, on the website and can be found by typing in the url address or searching for the title William, Kate, George beginnen tour  (the date is Monday 7 April, 2014).

[11april,2014] - Tafawa Balewa Way (not street) above. The book "White Shotgun" describes years 1992 and 1993 as Mafia Wars. The Russian Video recordings I have were made by a Dutch samaritan, who lived with his wife in Rijswijk. I spoke about my visit: amateur radio receivers (?) were there on a sofa in the sitting room, catching police communications (was a strange hobby in Holland at the time) and a Russian voice came up, from a ship, I think. I wonder if video scrambling is defined by now. It was mentioned in a Moscow newspaper article, which I read in may be 1993. Like censorship, it reveals more than it hides. I mean bad censorship, cover-up.
Example of good censorship: The name, stamp and signature of a State Censor on a Religious Textbook for children in a pre-revolutionary Russia, over a century ago.
( 11:48 wed. 16 april, 2014.)
[ Thursday 5 February 2015 ] -
Infamous pedo/spy Jeffry Epstein  (online story) has bought a "lesbian slave" from her Yugoslav parents (?). Born hermaphrodite? In the book by Veronika Kutsillo about October 1993 Moscow failed coup ( ISBN 5 - 900728 - 01 -3 ) on page 125 there is a description of children: frightening/ugly/horrible children, all aged about fourteen, all girls, although you can't be sure about their gender ..... were seen training with the FASCISTS (!) how to fight using iron sticks, etc.
The so-called Fascists (Russian Fascists) are controlled by the Cabal, just like the so-called 'extreme right' anti-islamic clowns are controlled by Israel:  I have a post on my main website with a photo of them carrying ISRAELI flag here in Portsmouth .

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Victor Ostrovsky wrote.

In December 1998 in WRMEA - Washington Report (on Middle East Affairs) ex-Mossad Victor Ostrovsky published an article:
 "Crash of Cargo Plane in Holland Revealed Existence of Israeli Chemical and Biological Weapons Plant".  
[ thurs.23 May]: The link to the article is very long, here is the link to archive page for December 1998 wrmea articles:
(to cont.)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Psychotronic Weapon

On my current post nr 296 of Friday, 23 September 2011 the second scan from top is page 80 of Veronika Kutsillo's book, where she describes an appearance of BTR -looking vehicle, painted yellow and nicknamed YELLOW GOEBBELS, which emitted speech (propaganda), carefully selected patriotic music (in part to prime special robo-cops Alfa to fire on and kill their people) and .... LOW FREQUENCY waves that caused alarm/depression and could cause hart trouble and hart failure.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

What's in a date ?

Let us just write something ... . So far October 4 brings no associations whatsoever, except two tragic events in Holland and in Russia in two consecutive years - 1992 and 1993.
Somewhere in Veronika Kutsillo's book, however, October 4 is specified as a ultimatum or some deadline by Russian President Boris Eltsin in his brutal confrontation with the parliament and people from all over the country. I shall look for the reference.
At a glance does not bring further coincidences. However, if we think about 4 October in american style (911), we get 10-4 and 10-04.... In Lagos on Victoria Island, there was a modern residential complex - " 1004 ". Olga P., who worked in the Lagos Military Hospital, lived there. I wonder if 1004 meant smth. to somebody at the time.
In the Netherlands, on 12 October 1993, 8 days after the bloody end to Parliament vs President standoff in Moscow, Russia, a very important event took place in the new building of the Dutch Security Service BVD - a pompous gathering to signal 'perestroika' of police and secret service - their merger of sorts. From the website set to honor late Louis Seveke -
[ 17 Oct. 2011] - The "Father" of the (Anti-) Russian 1917 Revolution, Vladimir I.LENIN (real name Ulyanov) was born on 10 April, 1870.
The first Soviet Sputnik (spacecraft) was launched 4 October, 1957.
[ 25 March, 2014 ] - 4 and 10 : Tammuz - fourth month of the Jewish sacred, and tenth of the civil year; not in the Bible.
Unification of Germany ?...